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Vegetation Management

When it comes to power lines, all trees are not created equal.  Our vegetation management service helps utility and municipal customers implement best practices to encourage the growth of low-growing / power-line-friendly tree and brush species in their rights-of-way.  By investing in this long-run approach, the volume of line clearance and storm response work necessary in future years is reduced because there are fewer trees that represent a threat to the power lines.  Urban Tree Trimming can assist customers with compliance reporting and identification of high-risk / hazard trees that represent an outsized threat to the power distribution system.  Our experts can help our customers develop and implement strategies to manage pests and diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer and Oak Wilt, which have presented major problems in electric reliability.


Urban Tree Trimming provides utility line clearing, storm response services, construction services, vegetation management, commercial tree care, residential tree care, and much more.

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